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Targeted Health Assessment

Tailored Health Assessments for Every Life Stage at Bomaderry Creek Health Centre

At Bomaderry Creek Health Centre, we understand that health is a journey influenced by various factors, including life stages and cultural backgrounds. To ensure you age with vitality and well-being, we offer targeted Health Assessments designed for specific demographics. Our goal is to check both your physical and psychological health, foster good preventative health care routines, and provide valuable insights into potential Health Care programs.

Our Targeted Health Assessments:

1. 45-49 Health Assessment:

For individuals aged 45 to 49, our health assessment focuses on comprehensive physical and psychological evaluations. This assessment helps identify potential health risks early, enabling proactive management and preventive care.

2. 75+ Health Assessment:

Individuals over the age of 75 benefit from a specialised health assessment that addresses the unique health challenges associated with aging. We prioritise holistic care to enhance the overall well-being of our senior patients.

3. ATSI Health Assessment:

Acknowledging the diverse health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, our culturally sensitive health assessment ensures personalised care that respects and understands cultural backgrounds.

Key Features of Our Health Assessments:

  • Preventive Health Care Routines: Regular assessments empower both our healthcare team and patients to adopt good preventative health care routines, promoting overall well-being.
  • Qualification for Health Care Programs: Health assessments help identify individuals who may qualify for specific Health Care programs, ensuring they receive targeted and timely interventions.
  • Clear Communication: In the event that medical intervention is required, our team communicates clearly with patients, explaining the necessary steps for further identification or investigation.

Helpful Checklists for Your Health Check:

Why Choose Our Health Assessments?

  • Holistic Approach: Our health assessments consider both physical and psychological aspects, providing a holistic understanding of your health.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: We prioritise cultural sensitivity in our assessments, ensuring that care is tailored to the unique needs and backgrounds of our patients.
  • Proactive Health Management: By identifying potential health risks early, our assessments enable proactive health management, leading to better outcomes for our patients.

Invest in Your Health Journey with Targeted Health Assessments at Bomaderry Creek Health Centre

Your health is a lifelong journey, and at Bomaderry Creek Health Centre, we are here to support you at every stage. Schedule a targeted health assessment today and take proactive steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Contact us now to schedule your health assessment and invest in your well-being.